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Woodston Primary School achieves first Peterborough Eco Framework Flag in city

PECT Update
A new Peterborough Eco Framework flag for schools, inspired by designs from local pupils, was unveiled at the end of 2015 by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). This flag will be flown at schools to celebrate and mark students’ environmental achievements. Now Woodston Primary School has won the race to become the first school in the city to be awarded the flag!

PECT is leading the way nationally with its new and bespoke Eco Framework for Peterborough schools. As part of the framework, schools can gain accreditation in each of the 10 Environment Capital themes. Certificates will be awarded for each theme, and when a school has achieved five themes they can proudly fly the flag.

Woodston Primary School won the first flag in the city for achieving certificates in the themes: Land Use and Wildlife, Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Transport, Zero Carbon, and Zero Waste.

“We are delighted with Woodston Primary School and its pupils’ green achievements,” explains Jill Foster, PECT’s Environmental Education Manager. “Just some of their key activities include having a new pond installed with a pond dipping platform. They also have a nature area with camp fire, den-making area, bat and bird boxes, plus they grow herbs and vegetables in various beds around the school grounds.”

In addition to this, the school’s Eco Team has helped to create a Green Procurement Policy, Anti-Litter Policy, set-up recycling bins for printer cartridges and also a reusable materials box, which the school classes use for arts and crafts. Regular sustainable travel events and activities are held at the school, such as the Smoothie Bike, Learn to Ride, Stabilisers Off, Bling your Bike and more. The school also has solar thermal panels which help to heat up the hot water and they measure their energy usage throughout the day.

“To be the first school in Peterborough to receive the Peterborough Eco Framework Flag is a big achievement for us,” explains Gary Eldred, the Eco Coordinator from Woodston Primary School. “From recycling to our amazing Yurt we are covering various areas of the Eco Framework. Our children thoroughly enjoy learning in our outdoor areas and this plays a big part of ‘The Woodston Family’ ethos.”

For more information about the Peterborough Eco Framework for schools please contact Jill Foster at PECT on 01733 866440 or email [email protected]. For further details about Peterborough Environment City Trust, visit