Active Health

Community & Education Health & Wellbeing

PECT worked in spring 2017 to improve residents' health and wellbeing in central Peterborough

In spring 2017 PECT has launched a new project, Active Health, to help improve residents’ health and wellbeing in central Peterborough.

With funding from the Department for Transport through the Transition Fund, and on behalf of the Department of Public Health at Peterborough City Council, PECT worked during the first three months of 2017 with more than 3,000 households in the centre of the city.

The aim of the work was to determine and overcome barriers to active travel. Research has highlighted that a number of residents in central Peterborough face health challenges that could be improved by increased levels of physical activity. In addition, Public Health is developing further healthy lifestyle services within the area and wants this work to be informed by the views and needs of local residents.