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Interested in cutting your carbon footprint?

Are you interested in cutting your carbon footprint and helping others in your community to do the same?

PECT are looking to recruit 45 volunteers from Peterborough, Huntingdon and Fenland to reduce their personal carbon footprint. Our team of sustainability experts will provide tailored support to the volunteers on an ongoing basis over a 6-month period.

Our aim is to empower and support individuals to make lifestyle changes to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. We will work with volunteers so they can act as Ambassadors to share the things they’ve learnt and inspire others within their community to live more sustainably.

This project has been made possible using funding from the RSA Climate Change and Risk Education Grants (managed by Neighbourly)

For more information call 01733 568408 or email [email protected]


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What support is available?

The best way to start reducing your carbon footprint is to figure out how big it is first and then decide on how much you’re willing to reduce it by.  This is why we are running the Cut your Carbon project.

The important thing to remember is that everyone can have an impact on climate change by looking at how they are living and how much their lifestyle is adding to the carbon out there.

Education is the first step and just by making some simple changes to your lifestyle, you’d be surprised how much your carbon footprint will reduce.

Cut your carbon