Library of Things


It's time to borrow more than just books!

Welcome to Library For, a lending library and community space located in Peterborough Central Library. We are excited to bring this new initiative to the community, providing access to useful household items and a space for community activities.

Library For is open to all members of the community, allowing you to borrow items for an allotted length of time just like they would a library book. This sharing economy will not only save individuals money but also reduce carbon emissions by decreasing the need for multiple people to purchase the same item, which they may only need to use once or twice a year.


Our collection of items available for loan will be based on the needs of the community. We invite you to complete a short survey to let us know what ‘Things’ would be useful for you to borrow. This will help us to ensure that we have a comprehensive collection of items that meet the needs of our community. Additionally, we will have a small fee upon lending to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Fill out the survey


Library For also provides a space for community activities, such as workshops and events. This space can be booked by community groups for their meetings, activities or even social events. More information on the website:

Please note: The library hosts, who will manage the space, will be employed separately from the library staff. Therefore, any queries related to this space must be directed through the library hosts or relevant contacts, such as [email protected] or [email protected].

We are currently designing a website for Library For, which will include a FAQs list to confirm any queries you may have, such as pick-up parking and deposits.