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Helping Lincolnshire & Rutland businesses to become greener

Businesses based in the City of Lincoln, North East Lincolnshire, North Kesteven, South Kesteven, Rutland, North Lincolnshire, and West Lindsey will be able to access free, bespoke workshops on Net Zero, Decarbonisation, Energy Management and Sustainable Supply Chains.

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Working on behalf of the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub, the workshops will be delivered by PECT’s sustainable business support team, who currently work with over 300 organisations on sustainability and decarbonisation projects. The team has a solid understanding of the current trends and challenges in the field of sustainability and low carbon, as well as the practical ways to implement them.

Workshops will include bitesize sessions taking place virtually to allow for more participants to get involved and longer workshops taking place in person.

  • Net Zero – including definition of Net Zero, how to plan for Net Zero, organisation requirements, creating action plans and targets etc.
  • Decarbonisation – including how to calculate a carbon footprint, how to analyse carbon performance and build decarbonisation plans, low carbon technologies, renewables and how to integrate the right technology, digitisation and the smart future, etc.
  • Energy management – including how to measure and track performance, how to conduct on-site energy audits, etc.
  • Supply chains – including how to review your procurement strategy, how to engage and communicate with suppliers, how to manage client requests about carbon performance, etc.

For more information about the workshop programme and how we can help you, see the Business Lincolnshire page, or email us at [email protected].