New Life on the Old West

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Working to inspire schools and farmers to create and enhance wildlife habitats at farms within the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Ten farms will become demonstration sites to showcase how working with natural processes on the fenland ditch network, and in the surrounding arable landscape, can provide clear biodiversity benefits alongside other land use functions.

We want to give the opportunity to visit these farms to local primary schools through ’farm twining’. We recognise that some children and young people will have never had the chance to visit a working fenland farm and therefore, the New Life on the Old West project will support children to visit demonstration farms, to discover first-hand what it means to be a farmer and the work they do in producing our food, as well as managing the countryside for wildlife.

Activities during their visit could include a mixture of farm walks, tractor and trailer rides (depending on site), discovering nature, and learning about the NLOW habitat improvements.


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working with schools

Working with Cambridgeshire ACRE and Kids Country, schools will also be provided with a number of resources to enable them to engage in pre and post learning to support these farm visits and be able to create their own wild areas within their school grounds. We want to ensure that after the visits have taken place learning continue within their school around sustainability of our world, health and wellbeing of learning outdoors and the importance of these wild spaces and bio diversity in context to food production in the area.

If your schools would like to get involved or would like to know more contact our Environmental Education Lead, Heidi Latronico-Ferris at [email protected]

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