On Ya Bike!

Get On Ya Bike! and explore what Peterborough cycle routes and green spaces have to offer.


It's time to get On Ya Bike!

63% of people across the first six weeks of lockdown said that exercise was important for their mental health (Sport England). The most common exercises over lockdown saw us walking, or getting our bikes out and cycling around our local green spaces. Peterborough is incredibly lucky to have a number of green cycle routes and connected paths, including the Green Wheel, and we want to celebrate this in our new project, On Ya Bike.

We are working with Nene Park Trust to continue the positive active behaviour changes beyond the pandemic and into our day to day lives. We know that not everyone is a confident cyclist or might not have been on a bike for a number of years. Therefore, the partnership has formed to encourage as many new and old cyclists to feel safe and comfortable when out cycling around Peterborough.

This project has been funded by the LNER Customer & Community Investment Fund.

hidden treasures trail

Want to explore more places in and around Peterborough by bike? See if you can collect all the places on our Hidden Treasures Trail!

Download the Hidden Treasures Trail

Once you’ve got your sheet handy, head to the location, find the responding number below and learn more about the hidden treasure you’ve just discovered!




Bluebell Wood – This was once a 27 acre fortress  built around 43-44AD. Home to around 2,400 men from the 9th legion it is unique in Western Europe due to its own pottery works.

(Thorpe Wood, Peterborough PE3 6SQ)

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Longthorpe Tower – Displays one of the most complete and important sets of 14th century wall paintings in Northern Europe.

(Thorpe Road, Peterborough PE3 6LU )

Download the map (without sculpture park)

Download the map (with sculpture park)




Milton Ferry Bridge – Significant to how Ferry Meadows got its name, it is over 300yrs old and is built from the same limestone as Peterborough Cathedral, quarried in nearby Barnack.

(Mill Road, Castor, PE5 7BS)

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John Clare Cottage – Containing examples of this highly regarded English Countryside poet, who lived in the cottage for 40yrs between 1793-1832.

(Woodgate, Helpston, Peterborough PE6 7ED)

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Holywell Ponds – The site, originally part of a medieval manor house consists of a grotto which legend has it was the home of St Botolph.

(Larklands, Peterborough, PE3 6LL)

Download the map (without sculpture park)

Download the map (with sculpture park)




Shanks Millennium Bridge – Constructed from recycled metal and a weathering steel, removing the need for paint, it enables the 45mile long Green Wheel to cross over the River Nene.

(Nene North Bank, Peterborough, PE6 7YY)

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Flag Fen – Is a Bronze Age site dating back 3,500yrs, with new discoveries being made every year it is now recognized as one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe.

(The Droveway, Northey Road, Peterborough PE6 7QJ)

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Railworld Wildlife Haven – Located on the site of a derelict power station coal yard, it houses model railways and the UK’s only prototype hover train RTV31.

(Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 9NR)

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Roman Point – Part of Ferry Meadows and discovered in the 1970’s you will be able to see the only surviving remains of the settlement on this site.

(Nene Park Trust, Ham Farm House, Ham Lane, Peterborough PE2 5UU)

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