The Kanifing Environmental Transformation Programme

Business Waste

KETP is a flagship project for Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) in partnership with PECT and Peterborough City Council.

Funded by the European Union, the project aims to develop a sustainable focus on new, integrated waste management approaches to drive environmental, social and economic transformation in the Kanifing municipality.

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The project plans to transform waste management in the Municipality from a pollution, health and environmental challenge to a sustainable and sustained economic opportunity. The project aims to strengthen urban governance, inclusive service delivery and sustainable resource management through the deployment of innovative technologies and the exchange of best practices with Peterborough.

More specifically: –

  • Through the development of a Zero Waste Plan, PECT will promote the EU Waste Hierarchy with a clear focus on waste diversion towards a “zero waste” future by maximising recovery of “waste” resources via recycling, composting, renewable energy, and sustainable construction.
  • The project will enhance social inclusion for residents of Kanifing through the raising of awareness of waste related environmental and health impacts. PECT is developing educational approaches and resources based on its Climate Education initiative to support this objective.
  • Through our iiE experience, PECT will also be supporting the creation of economic opportunities for youth entrepreneurs to develop the green economy in Kanifing though novel uses of waste materials, enabling young leaders to protect the environment on which the local tourism economy depends.