Waste Less Guidebook

Community & Education Responsible Resource Use

Read through our 20page guidebook, packed full of sustainability tips when you’re at home, work or in your community.

What does it include?

A Circular Economy (CE) (Pages 3-4)

We want to move away from a linear system to a circular system. A Circular Economy is more in line with nature’s biological cycle.  Nutrients or components that can return to the biological cycle or the technical cycle could go back and can be used again. Throughout this guidebook you will find useful tips on how to use your waste products, such as repairing, refilling, and upcycling.

Upcycling (Page 7)

An interview with Grace Reeves, a designer seeking innovative fashion solutions. Grace came up with an innovative idea using waste and turning it into clothing.

How to make in impact (Pages 8-9)

Sometimes, it might feel like the green issue is so much bigger than us.  Discover real and significant ways we can make an impact and influence change.

Join the community (Page 10)

We don’t need to do this alone. Local groups can build on the sense of community, while working towards the same vision. We have a spotlight on Peterborough Repair Café on page 10. Repair cafés are a great way to repair and re-use items. You may also learn a new skill!

Save money, go green (Pages 12 & 16)

Hear from the PECT team on how to save energy at home. Read page 12 & 16 for home and business energy savings.


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