Corporate Social Responsibility

Drive team engagement. Motivate staff. Make a difference for people and places

What do we do?

We deliver opportunities by bringing together businesses and community projects in need of support. This enables staff to get involved with improving local areas for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife.

Why use PECT?

  • Ease – We can organise activities on your behalf, provide all equipment, risk assessments, and lead team sessions.
  • Credibility – working with a recognised and trusted environmental charity will add credibility to the time spent. Not only will your team’s work make an immediate difference, but the funds raised will be reinvested straight back into our charitable work.
  • Marketing and communication – PECT can work with you to promote your activities and ensure it achieves recognition.

What can we offer your organisation?

Not only can we work with you on a staff engagement activity, but we can also offer team building activities and educational sessions to boost staff understanding and uptake of environmental issues.

It’s a great way to build upon your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme and strengthen staff morale.

Example activities

Activity Attendees Description Cost
Litter picking session Max 20 Let us lead your team on a litter picking session in your chosen location. We will provide all health and safety information, training and will organise for the removal of the litter afterwards. 2 hours £100
Tree planting session Max 30 Make a difference in Peterborough by having a bespoke tree planting day arranged for your team. We will talk you through the activities, provide all equipment, and deliver a great day out for your staff. ½ day £500
Team building day in local woodland Max 30 Hear more about our work planting trees in Peterborough and why trees matter. Then take part in some fun team building sessions focused around our local woodlands. ½ day £250
1 day £500
Environmental Management training Max 15 With this fun, accessible and educational session, you can train your team in the first steps towards becoming a more sustainable organisation. ½ day £250
1 day £500

In addition to the above ideas, we can tailor activities to suit your organisation’s needs!

Get in touch today to see how we can work together. Call 01733 568408 or email [email protected]

Who we’ve worked with

Buckles Logo

Myself and the other team leaders thought that you engaged with the young in a very professional and positive manner and explained everything that they need to do in a way that was easy to understand. What also stood out was that you explained why this project was being undertaken and why it was important to the local community and wildlife.

– The Prince’s Trust

It is gratifying to know that our hard work will help to develop the local community in many years to come. The team that instructed and led us were very friendly and motivating. Their appreciation of our support was also very rewarding. I would definitely recommend companies use these tree planting days to support the local community and their environmental achievements as well as offering a positive team building exercise for employees.

– National Flooring Company