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Conventional wisdom has it that life speeds up as we get older. It certainly seems the older I get that the months and years fly by much faster, and I'm always amazed to discover: “It’s autumn already!”

The feeling of mild anxiety that time is passing me by is never more prominent than during this time of year. Nature is stubbornly marching to its own pace. It races on while I am left wondering what happened to summer? Is it over already?

Well, yes but the year still has so much more to give and now is the time to slow down and enjoy that splash of autumn colour and a time of year that has a much deeper meaning, relating to our own life more than you may think!

Trees provide food for wildlife and are a source of fuel for winter warmth. Trees are a shelter from the elements and a producer of clean air. Just like our feathered friends, we use trees to build our own houses but beyond their practical uses, trees can stimulate imagination and to some carry deep symbolism.

As the final leaves fall and the colour fades the trees seem to disappear and a sense of hibernation soon takes over – but don’t forget the importance and impact they have on all of us in our daily life. Take a moment to sit back and remember the expression: trees gave knowledge to Adam and Eve, enlightenment to Buddha, and gravity to Isaac Newton.

Simon Belham is PECT's Forest for Peterborough Project Officer.