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BLUEPRINT School Activities – August

by Lauren Cox

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained while you work from home this summer holiday? But don’t fancy spending a fortune?

Look no further than PECT’s Blueprints August activities! Every week until the kids go back to school you can access new activities to keep them entertained whilst you attempt to clear your inbox.


What you’ll need?

All these activities make use of the waste we would usually create. Take Recyclable Skittles, for example. The game requires 6-10 rinsed out tin cans or plastic bottles. Stack them up, maybe even decorate them, and knock them down. Simple!

For your older children, why not create a DIY bean bag to knock the recyclable skittles down with too? All you’ll need is some scrap fabric, a needle and thread and some rice to fill them up with.



And a personal favourite – Origami Bookmarks. Using scrap paper (an old newspaper or magazine will do) your children can get creative, folding paper into their favourite animal.


Why get involved?

The aim of these activities, whilst great for some fun, is to demonstrate that our ‘waste’ can have a second life. Millions of tons of waste are sent to landfill every year. We want to help prevent this by closing the loop. This means that instead of products going straight to landfill, we can recover them, reuse them and recycle them as much as we can. This way, materials stay in use for much longer and we can reduce our overall waste.

Follow the links in this blog to find these activities or visit the PECT’s website to access others released soon!


Fox’s Waste Adventure

These activities are part of a wider programme of work designed for primary aged year groups. School children can receive free copies of Fox’s Waste Adventure, an activity book aimed at encouraging children to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste through word searches, design challenges and crafts.

Nominate your school to receive free copies of Fox’s Waste Adventure and supporting teaching resources by emailing [email protected].


For more information about what we’re doing to help reduce waste, visit the BLUEPRINT to the Circular Economy project website here.