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Celebrating the achievements of people in Peterborough


I was fortunate enough to attend the Peterborough Civic Awards one Wednesday afternoon in February, after two of our fantastic volunteers were told they were due to receive awards at the event.

I would – of course – always say that our volunteers are the best and truly deserving of winning Civic Awards. Their hard work and dedication makes a massive difference to what we can achieve as a charity.

On the night, our volunteer Michaela won the Young Person Civic Award for the passion and initiative she has shown. In addition, Peter won an Environmental Achievement Civic Award for volunteering with our green skills share scheme Greeniversity. It was absolutely fantastic that they were honoured for the difference they make to their local community.

What was so wonderful about the night was having the chance to meet lots of other volunteers and to hear about all the other great works people are doing across the city. The awards are a great way to say thank you to the people who go out of their way to help others and to recognise all the great work that they do.

Just some of the other winners' achievements (and there's far too many to mention all of them) include organising collection points to support refugees in Calais, the significant impact made by being a teacher for more than 40 years, being an ambassador for celebrating diversity, helping the city to achieve Fairtrade City Status and many more.

It makes me feel massively proud about the achievements of people in Peterborough.

Laura Fanthorpe is Marketing and Communications Manager at Peterborough Environment City Trust.