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Definition of a tree…

by Simon Belham

The definition of a tree is as follows:

“A woody plant with usually a single stem growing to a height of at least two metres, or if multi-stemmed, then at least one vertical stem five centimetres in diameter at breast height”.

My reason for the above quote is as follows, the first count of global tree species compiled by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) now reveals how many tree species are in existence!

It must have been very daunting to take on such a large project, but after two years of research via multiple sources, field trips and data records the figure shows there are 60,065 tree species in the world. Until now that figure was unknown. Head to the blog of Emily Beech, conservation assistant at (BGCI), to find out more:

A few interesting facts, for if you don’t want to click the link above to find out more; Brazil has the most tree species at 8,715, followed by Colombia at 5,776, and then Indonesia with 5,142 species as well as the most endemic tree species at 4,333, Madagascar is next up with 2,991, closely followed by Australia with 2,584.

Moving on to the UK, can you guess how many we have? We have a mere 84 different tree species! Well, I say we have the most amazing, beautiful and best in the world and size isn’t everything!

From the team over here at Forest for Peterborough HQ, I would like to say well done to all involved in the global tree search, it’s fantastic to see the results!

So, what have I been up to since my last blog? Well the answer is I’ve been out and about keeping myself busy tree planting (I am sure you had already guessed that). Luckily I’ve had plenty of help along the way from volunteers, members of the public, college groups, other volunteering organisations and multiple businesses from in and around the city of Peterborough.

It has been a busy season, but made so much more fun by all the helpers we have had join us on event days. I would like to give thanks to everyone who took the time to don a hat and gloves, grab a spade and a tree and helped out with the planting during our events. Thank you.

On a personal note, my partner and I are busy planning ahead in preparation for our first child. It all kicks of during the month of July, and we are both super excited, extremely happy, with just a pinch of apprehension – but I know this will be our biggest adventure yet!

Now my focus turns to you! I need your help, because Forest for Peterborough needs to secure new pockets of land ready for tree planting during the 2017/18 season, which starts in October 2017. If you have or know anybody who has available land with an interest in creating a new woodland, forest, shelterbelt or wildlife copse please help spread the word in the hope of securing further planting sites.

Please contact me directly: Simon Belham, Forest for Peterborough Project Officer, on 01733 882545, or via my mobile 07715 372432 or by email at [email protected].