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Eco tips for a Green Christmas

by Ryan Lee

With the festive season now in full swing, let’s make sure we make it a green one! Whilst it may appear hard to venture away from some of our festive traditions, we can make a big difference with just some small adjustments to our holiday habits without sacrificing any of the festivity.

Make sure you reduce your Christmas Waste-Line! Not only can this season endorse unhealthy eating habits for us, but it also has the potential to be detrimental for the environment. There are many simple changes that we can implement to reduce our environmental impact this year.

Wrapping paper

This Christmas 50,000 trees will be used for wrapping paper – and that’s just from Britain! That’s enough waste to reach the moon! The importance of reducing our own contribution to this is unquestionable. So how can we look to effectively reduce the amount of wrapping paper waste this Christmas?

At a minimum we should ensure that the paper we buy is recyclable, or we can reuse newspaper or other paper as a slightly different take on standard wrapping paper! However, if the festive design is non-negotiable, it is important to avoid laminated wrapping paper or any paper that is covered in glitter or plastic shapes.

Giving charity gifts

Are you struggling to find personal gifts for your loved ones? Why not try shopping at your local charity shop? Not only are there plenty of affordable choices, but by buying second-hand gifts, you would also be considerably reducing your carbon footprint. Shop ethically and support local and independent retailers too. Alternatively, buy experiences over items.

Eating smart

Supporting your local stores and markets would help make our Christmas appetites more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. We know how making smart choices in the foods we eat can have a significant impact on our carbon footprints, so why not take the veg pledge this Christmas with Cool Food?

Give food

Hate throwing away leftover food? Food Cycle, Fare Share and City Harvest all collect surplus food, redistributing it to those in need this Christmas time.

Cut your household carbon

In the New Year, why not book a home visit with PECT’s friendly energy advisor to see how we can help you save on your energy bills and cut your household carbon. Find out more here.

Christmas shouldn’t cost the earth, let’s work together to reduce our waste and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year!