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ESOS – How can we help?

by Warren Pope

With less than 12 months until the mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) deadline. If your business needs to fulfil ESOS requirements, then it’s time to start the compliance procedure.

There is potential to make significant cuts to your energy consumption and carbon emissions by implementing ESOS correctly, leading to substantial financial and environmental rewards. The measures identified could range from simple ‘quick-fix, fast-return’ solutions, through to longer-term investment programmes or setting up an Energy continuous improvement team.

Give yourself time to plan how you can use ESOS to address your energy and carbon targets, tailoring the process to your business. It can take six months to complete the auditing process, and with demand for Lead Assessors mounting towards the deadline, it’s important that you start now.

ESOS gives you the opportunity to make long-term savings, but following ESOS Phase one, some organisations failed to turn ESOS work into actual energy, cost and carbon reductions. In many cases, this was due to companies not having the resources to follow up on ESOS recommendations.

PECTS energy and sustainability team are fully qualified to guide your company through the compliance process from start to finish. PECT have extensive experience helping businesses understand what energy-saving opportunities are available, identified by the ESOS audits.

Most importantly with, Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) being introduced for reporting on a yearly basis from April 2019, the PECT team can help you think beyond compliance and make SOS work for you, especially when combined with our Investors In the Environment (IIE) scheme.