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For the love of tea


There’s something about nature that we all love. Whether that’s watching the waves crash against the seashore, seeing a swan gliding through water, experiencing the breath-taking views from the top of Mount Everest or simply going on a woodland walk. Nature has a place in the hearts of us all.

But sadly, at the current rate of global warming, our beloved nature is at risk. The question stands: does the impact of global warming concern you? Or rather, does it concern you that global warming impacts people, places and life on earth?

The extent of climate change’s impact isn’t even just the ice caps melting, or causing increased acidity to the oceans, it has the potential to infiltrate into every single element of life that you and I enjoy, such as doing the gardening, eating chocolate and drinking tea!

Just take tea as an example. First thing in the morning we all enjoy waking up to that pot of freshly brewed tea. But what if tea begins to deplete in supply? Just consider the impact of rising temperatures on the production of your favourite tea. Global warming threatens the microclimate in the hills of Asia that produces so much of the tea that we love, and with it, this threatens the livelihoods of the millions of farmers whose lives depend on the production of our daily cup of tea. To read the full article, visit:
I hope that others will see the importance of this issue and #ShowtheLove for nature, for the oceans, for farmers and for our cups of tea!

As a member of the Climate Coalition, PECT is looking to show its support for the ‘Show the Love’ campaign this February. The aim is to join forces to take action against climate change and show the love for the things that could be lost to the impact of climate change such as nature and wildlife.

We are looking for members of the community to join our Forest for Peterborough Tree Planting Day to show your love for the local environment. Join us on Saturday 11th February, drop-in between 10.30am-4.30pm, last arrivals at 2.30pm, at Werrington Open Space (parking and access via 51-58 Baron Court, PE4 7ZE.)
Make sure you register your attendance via [email protected] or via 07715372432.

Michaela Anthony is the Digital Marketing Apprentice at PECT.