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A fresh look for PECT

by Laura Fanthorpe

You might have noticed, but PECT has recently undergone a slight update in its brand identity. Not a complete step-change, but a refresh, just in time for the New Year!

This is PECT’s 25th year working to create sustainable places, and as such we didn’t want to completely change the charity’s look – after a quarter of a century working in Peterborough we wanted the charity to retain its identity and be recognisable to its partners and project participants.

However, times are changing and in recent years the organisation has been expanding its reach to cover not just Peterborough but also regional and national projects – all focused around creating sustainable places and stronger communities.

Our work focusses on protecting and enhancing our precious natural environment, helping communities to get involved in their areas, improving heath and wellbeing and helping individuals and businesses to use resources more responsibly.

We feel that by expanding our reach we can help share what we’ve learnt in Peterborough with other places, and therefore enable the formation of more sustainable places elsewhere too.

We wanted the new logo to represent us as the organisation we truly are: an independent and innovative charity working to make a real difference. Not only that, but with our ambition to be a modern, sustainable organisation we want every element of what we do to reflect this.

Our new logo is a great example of this: it uses less block colour and fewer shades in general. By using thinner outlines rather than block shapes it means that every time the logo is printed it is using less ink. It’s a great way, with a small design change, to make a difference and use fewer resources.

We hope you like the change!