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How do you manage your resources and make cost savings?


There are more than a few ‘Top Tips’ out there to help you save money. I am not going to provide you with another list – I will instead suggest and encourage you to consider only one. An Environmental Management System (EMS).

The term EMS can create mixed opinions, especially around uncertainty whether an EMS is relevant for your organisation, and many people attach it to an accreditation scheme. Certification is the best practice for any business but, I would like to separate the certification element from the nature and purpose of an EMS for this article.

The purpose of an EMS is to provide a framework for businesses to manage their environmental impacts. This framework is relevant to all businesses and can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be, but the most important point is that you are ‘managing’ them, regardless of how you do it. We all know that business cannot work if there is not adequate management.

The same is true for saving money through resource management. If you do not manage your resources, you can never expect to make any improvements which can save you money. Once you have the basis of a management system in place, you will be able to identify actions that will help to reduce the amount of resources you use, saving money as a consequence. Developing and improving your system over time can lead to certification AND, of course, more money.

David Knight ( from Resource Efficiency Team, Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub 

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