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Hyperlocal Rainfall: May Progress


We have some exciting news: we now have a working version of the Hyperlocal Rainfall app! It still has some small alterations to be made, but it looks great on my phone already if I do say so myself! Over the past few months our project partner Meniscus has been working hard to bring it all together, taking into consideration all of the helpful feedback everyone gave us earlier in the project.

To give us a better idea of what goes into the app’s development Aimee-Louise Hunt from Meniscus has spoken a bit about their work:

"The first version of the Hyperlocal rainfall app is now complete and we are thrilled with its progress. We’ve worked hard to get the core functionality of the app running smoothly, particularly incorporating rainfall predictions. We are excited to move into the beta stage of the development where we will aim to include new features such as personalisation within the app."

Now we still have a way to go yet before we have the final working version of the Hyperlocal Rainfall app with all the features and capabilities that we would like, and a bit of work left before we can start testing it, but it is exciting and reassuring to now have something to play with!

Over the next few months our project partners at Anglia Ruskin University will be working closely with Meniscus to build on the first version of the app and develop the personalisation aspects of it, making the app more beneficial to the individual user and how best it can work for you. 

Whilst this is going on we will be starting to test the app on android phones here in Peterborough! We, along with project partners Loughborough University, will be looking for local residents to have a go using the app around the city and surrounding areas. This will be a great opportunity for you to get involved in Hyperlocal Rainfall and make a real impact on how the app will work for Peterborough.

In late June we will be putting together sessions to introduce people to the app at Peterborough Environment City Trust's offices in the city centre, and getting them their own version of the app installed on their android phones. From here we would like the testers to use the app every day (if they can) for two weeks and feedback to us about how they are finding using it around the city. If this sounds interesting to you and you think you would like to take part helping test the Hyperlocal Rainfall app then get it touch! Please email [email protected]

Freya Herman is the Project Officer for Hyperlocal Rainfall.