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Interning with PECT

by Fern Spencer

After interning with PECT over these past few months, I have come to reflect on all the invaluable experiences the staff at the charity have provided me with.

Coming from the background of a second year Environmental Science student who cares about the environment, I took an interest in the environmental sector and wanted to gain experiences in the area to understand the career I want to pursue upon graduating. Therefore, because of my interest in businesses and environmental consultancy, I have spent most of my time working with Investors in the Environment (iiE).

I’ve done many different things during my time at PECT, a few examples include writing blog posts, carrying out current research and shadowing audits. These have left me with an understanding of how processes work in this career area and have only increased my interest. I have gained first hand knowledge about what is being done to tackle environmental problems in the business sector that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise.

Not only have I benefitted academically from my work experience, but I feel it has helped me develop more as a person. Being in a different working environment, something that I was not used to, has made me better at communicating. Moreover, the tasks I completed are different to what I have experienced at University and they have allowed me to build confidence in my work.

Overall, I’ve been left feeling excited for my future career possibilities after graduating from University and I’m very grateful that PECT has given me the platform to do this. Thank you!