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Local school receive Woodland Trust Award

by Heidi Latronico

Northborough School in Peterborough have been working hard over the last 12 months and last week their hard work paid off as they received a Gold Woodland Trust Award.

Woodland TrustOur Education lead, Heidi presented the school with the award making both teachers and students happy. This year the school received their Bronze and Silver Awards for their hard work too and pushed for gold before the end of terWoodland Trustm.

How the awards work

Schools are rewarded for doing environmental projects such as tree planting, reducing CO2 emissions and visiting woods. You collect points for each activity you complete, progressing through bronze, silver and gold levels up to the prestigious platinum award.

You can download certificates for your pupils when you reach each level. When you achieve gold your school will receive a wooden plaque to display in your school. This is upgraded when you reach the final platinum level.

  • 5 points = bronze
  • 10 points = silver
  • 15 points = gold
  • 30 points = platinum (special platinum projects are unlocked once your school reaches gold)

Examples of activities that can be planned include tree planting, visiting the woods, creating a recycling project or cutting C02 emissions. This can be so much fun for the children and they are learning valuable lessons about the natural world and our environment too.

We have many projects that schools can get involved in. Take a look and see what you and your school might like to try.

If your school is interested in the environment and would like more information on how to take part in the Woodland Trust Awards contact [email protected]