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Making a difference

by Stuart Dawks

August 2019 marks a change for PECT with the charity’s CEO, Carly, going on maternity leave. This is a very exciting time for Carly…. and myself, because while she is off I will be taking over as Interim CEO!

Carly has done a great job in her role at the helm, so I have big shoes to fill while she is on maternity leave. I’m really excited to be temporarily taking on such a pivotal and challenging position at a time when there is so much still to achieve, and I feel PECT is in a unique position to continue to make a huge difference.

When I started at PECT as General Manager I wasn’t necessarily the typical candidate and was quickly dubbed the ‘reluctant environmentalist.’ I came from a commercial background, working for an engineering consultancy, and whilst the environment was important it was not at the front of my agenda.

The enthusiasm and passion of the team here at PECT has really rubbed off on me. Since starting at the charity, I have taken part in woodland management sessions, litter picking, tree planting, shadowed business environmental audits, and even been able to share in celebrating the eco achievements of children’s green projects.

I’ve seen first-hand the fantastic work taking place by the team and communities we work with, to make a difference for both people and planet, however there is always something more we could be doing.

As Carly said in a previous blog: “Our impact on the world, as a human population, is undeniable, and action must be taken sooner, because there may not be a later.”

I still pride myself on looking at everything from a very ‘practical’ angle, and have found that concerns about the environment don’t just worry the hardened environmentalists anymore. More and more people are recognizing that climate change will have a devastating impact on our futures, and that it is already having an impact on our lives.

I want to be part of the generation that makes the difference. I think we all do.

I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the PECT team to wish Carly and her family very best wishes at this exciting time and we look forward to her return.