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My First Work Experience – Discovering More About the Environment at PECT

by Eleanor Whitwell

During my time between GCSEs and Sixth Form, I am doing work experience at PECT. I was initially looking for some work experience somewhere for this time and when I came across PECT I was immediately interested in what the charity does.

As PECT generally covers the areas I would like to continue working in for the future, and because I really enjoy this field, this seems like the perfect place to build up my experience. I am currently still unsure about exactly what I would like to do as a career, but the opportunities I get here may help me figure this out!

As a rather shy person, I often find I need to build my confidence, so I believe this work experience at PECT will really help me now and later on with being confident around gaining experience for my future. It already seems to be helping me get myself out there more, so I am looking forward to the opportunities PECT will give me.

During my GCSEs, my enjoyment of Geography really stood out. I adored the physical side, looking at rivers and coasts; however my main interests swayed more towards the human side of Geography. In this area the main topics were population change, evolving urban environments and tourism.

In population change we studied the current exponential growth in the world population, and how it differs in richer countries to poorer countries, and the effects it has. Specifically in the UK, how this has created a lack of water in densely populated areas like cities, and excess water in sparsely populated areas, and I enjoyed studying how this was managed.

In changing urban environments, we covered sustainable cities. We had a case study of a city in Brazil called Curitiba that had make significant changes to the environment of their city. This included things like; increasing green space, massively improving the public transport (especially the bus system), and planting masses of trees throughout the city.

In tourism, we covered ecotourism (specifically another case study). To achieve a larger profit from their tourists, by using less energy and money; the power was from solar cells, the water for the guests was collected rainwater, all of the food provided was locally produced to help local farmers and to reduce the carbon footprint. I found these specific topics interesting because they were more towards improving the environment and making it more sustainable.

Once I start my A-levels, I plan on studying Geography, Religious Studies and English Literature (fingers crossed I get the grades I want!). I think the experience I get here at PECT will support my A-level choices well so will help me get experience in this field, and this experience will be extremely helpful.

This subject also ties in with my personal interests: I have now been vegetarian for going on two years, and have done plenty of research about how much energy, and water, is saved in being so. When I first came across this I found it very interesting, thus it made me want to become veggie straight away!

I am very thankful that I have been allowed this voluntary time here at PECT and I can’t wait for the next few weeks here!

Eleanor Whitwell is a volunteer with PECT.