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Our first set of Junior Foresters pass with flying colours

by Louise Cottrill

We ventured into the woods today to join this terms Junior Foresters at the end of their course.

The students all from Thomas Deacons Academy were understandably nervous as some sponsors and myself came to see what the Junior Foresters Awards were all about. We split into three groups and were led around the trails in the wood by the students who showed us the dangers, what to look out for and where they had trimmed back the bushes. Earlier in the course they had done a litter pick too.

One student that stood out to me said he didn’t have any friends when he started year 7. This can be a tough transition for many students as they step into the next phase of their learning and development. After 6 weeks on this course his confidence had grown and he found it easy to talk to people and make friends. Another spoke about working as a team and working with people they wouldn’t usually be friends with.junior foresters

All amazing life skills to start secondary school with and more importantly the students learn about the natural environment too.

Joining us at this event were our supporters Milestone. Henry Fenn of Milestone said “The work that PECT do for the Junior Foresters is inspiring. It was fantastic to see all of the Junior Foresters take interest in the natural environment and utilise their skills developed on the course to everyday situations. All the students should be very proud of themselves”.

Also at the event was a representative from our sponsors Cambridgeshire Community Foundation who really enjoyed the tour of the wood trails too. Liz presented the students with their certificates and badges after they had enjoyed toasting some marshmallows.

If your school would like to take part in the Junior Foresters Awards then please contact [email protected]

Thanks again to our sponsors Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and supporters Milestone.

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