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Proud to be PECT


When talking about Peterborough Environment City Trust’s work with Community Interest Company TTG Training (which offers support to ex-offenders and young people) during the redecoration of PECT’s offices on Cowgate, CEO Carly Leonard explained:

“As a charity, all of the decisions we make are informed by our desire to make a real difference to people’s lives. Whether it’s through the work of our projects or through the choices we make and the suppliers we work with, Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) endeavours to improve the local environment and the well-being of its communities whenever it can.”

It is this attitude that makes me so proud to work for PECT. Not everyone can say that about their employer, but here at PECT everyone aims to make a real difference and staff really do ‘walk the walk’. Other organisations could take inspiration from some of the initiatives run at PECT’s offices.

It’s great to see environmental considerations running through every section of our organisation. For example, the use of plastic bags is discouraged and instead there is a range of reusable bags for staff to take out for lunchtime shopping. Having that little reminder of the bags hanging by the door is fantastic for gentle persuasion!

We also have a ‘sharing table’ for all staff. Whether it’s a surplus of home-grown produce or excess hen’s eggs that needs sharing, books that have been read and recommended, or second-hand clothes – items are there for the taking to help reduce waste and to encourage reuse and recycling.

Our health and well-being is improved with weekly lunchtime yoga provided free of charge to all staff by a qualified member of staff, and smoothies created from organic fruit and veg supplied to the office by a local veg box scheme.

Staff have use of pool bikes and an electric car, to ensure we can get to meetings in the most sustainable way possible – ideally through cycling, walking or public transport wherever possible!

In addition to this, all staff have a multitude of opportunities to experience each other’s projects – whether it’s through planting trees, helping on event days, or finding out about environmental audits of businesses – it all helps staff to talk about each other’s projects confidently. In this same vein, we also hold regular ‘lunch n learns’ for staff to tell others about what they’ve learnt and to share knowledge.

Laura Fanthorpe is Marketing and Communications Manager at PECT.