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Season’s Greetings from PECT


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at PECT!

This year sees the start of us working to our new strategy with a refreshed vision and mission for PECT. Our vision is for sustainable places and our mission takes us right back to why PECT was created – to protect and enhance the environment in Peterborough and beyond.

We think it is very important that what we do as a local charity is informed by people in Peterborough. So, we are speaking to people to find out exactly what they think is great about where they live, what they’d like to see changed and what they think PECT should be doing about it. This will directly inform our plans and our work, so look out for us asking for your views and seeing that turn into action!

Thank you to everyone that has supported PECT over the past year and, importantly, helped in the crucial work to protect and enhance the environment. We face many environmental challenges but by working together we can make real change happen.