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Sustainability project update from St John Fisher

by St John Fisher

The latest contributions from our Eco-warriors at St John Fisher to the school environment are 3 newly decorated green bins made specifically for crisp packets only. These bins have now been permanently placed in the courtyard, just outside the school canteen and out on the field where we thought to be most accessible for students to use. As previously mentioned, these must only contain crisp packets and nothing else, otherwise, our main mission won’t be successful! We aim to use these packets not only to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our school environment, but to also produce blankets for the homeless, which would be done via the Terra-cycle scheme.

St John Fisher










Additionally, the pond is also coming along quite nicely. Thanks to the financial back-up of the school, we have been able to order all of the components needed to finish the pond, such as de-chlorinator and oxygenating plants which will help us make the water safe for animals and oxygenate the pond without a pump (which is much more eco-friendly!).













The Eco-warriors at St John Fisher have been on a roll this year! After implementing crisp packet bins and working tirelessly in the sensory garden to finish the pond, this year they also converted the newsletter from paper to electronic, organised several litter-picking sessions and now they also have been shortlisted for ‘The Edit Project’ competition! This was a national competition in which they had to create and edit a highly informative and professional news broadcast all by them, themselves!

Our Eco-warriors have truly done so much!

St John Fisher