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Volunteering at PECT – a few months on.

by Eleanor Whitwell

As stated in my previous blog, I started volunteering at PECT last summer, for three days a week between my GCSE’s and A levels. Going into Sixth Form my school gave me the opportunity to spend a further one day a week continuing work experience. Following the experience I had gained at PECT over the summer and my interest in the charity, I really felt that this was the place to carry on and I was very happy that I was able to continue.

PECT has given me plenty of opportunities and helped me gain experience, that I truly believe I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to acquire – all of which complement my A level choices. Some aspects of my work at PECT have also helped with my English A level, for example I have clearly had the chance to write blogs, as well as press releases. I also wrote an article in the January 2018 edition of ESP magazine called ‘Time for a Change’, which I am particularly proud of!

I think I am extremely lucky to have the chance to do this so early in my life. These opportunities have helped me to develop transferable skills, which I will take forward with me in my working life.