Dogsthorpe Growing Communities

Natural Environment Volunteering

Bringing new life to communal green spaces

PECT’s Growing Communities project aims to bring Dogsthorpe residents together to transform their communal green spaces into more attractive and biodiverse areas. It will improve the local area and have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Bringing new life to the communal green spaces in Peterborough will give people a reason to get outside, get active, come together, start conversations and make social connections that contribute to more resilient, inclusive communities.

This project has been made possible thanks to funding from Peterborough City Council’s Communities Fund.

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PECT is working in partnership with Cross Keys Homes and Peterborough City Council to identify the green spaces and bring together the residents of Dogsthorpe. Our project officer is working with residents to undertake planting, clearing and maintenance of the green spaces, and providing advice and training on basic gardening skills.

The project will brighten up the neighbourhood, improve nature and bring residents together to do something positive for themselves and their neighbours, and this in turn will help instil a feeling of pride and community in the area.

We aim to make a genuine and long-lasting difference to the community, bringing people together in many ways, inspiring behaviour change, connecting residents and leaving a legacy that will be felt across the ward for years to come.

We want to ensure Dogsthorpe residents have the skills and confidence to maintain and take ownership of the green spaces themselves, which is key to ensuring the project has a legacy.


how can you get involved?

To get involved, speak to Tony Cook on 01733 568408 or email [email protected]. Volunteer events and seed giveaways will be announced on our events pages  at