Growing Healthier Communities

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Discover how to grow heart healthy food

PECT’s project ‘Growing Healthier Communities’ encourages residents in Peterborough to enjoy a better quality of life through a more active lifestyle and learning how to cook heart healthy food.

The project is funded thanks to a Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Heart Grant.




Why do we run this project?

We offer gardening workshops using local communal spaces, teaching people to grow and maintain herbs, salads and vegetables, and cookery skills workshops on how to plan and prepare inexpensive heart-healthy nutritious meals.

Gardening offers all-round exercise for improving strength, endurance and flexibility and can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions. This together with cookery skills and nutritional information to encourage people to eat a healthier diet, will help promote heart health.

This project will get people active through gardening and will encourage a healthier, more nutritious diet, changing people’s long-term behaviour. The health benefits of gardening and food growing are well documented. Plus research has shown that adults who participated in community gardening consumed 40% more fruit and vegetables per day than those that did not!


Discover more

Click here to see our upcoming events and to join our gardening sessions to learn how to grow nutritious and delicious food and keep your heart healthy.

Events will be held at the Allama Iqbal Centre, 157 Cromwell Road, Peterborough PE1 2EL, every Wednesday from 1-3pm. For more information, please contact Karen on or call 01733 568408.

Working in partnership with Gladstone Connect and Community First.