Junior Forester Award

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PECT has received funding from The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation to be able to offer schools the opportunity to take part in The Royal Forestry Society’s Junior Forester Award, this will be the first of its kind in the city! The award gives young people an insight into a career in forestry as well as the practical ability to assist in woodland management in their schools and local communities.

The courses will be run by PECT’s qualified education and natural environment staff and will take place every week for 6 weeks. Targeted at year 6 students during the summer term and aimed at their readiness for transition into secondary, with a second course running in the autumn term for year 7 students as part of their settling into secondary school life.

How will it work?

Each course will take place in woodland and will cover a different key element each week :

  • 1 – Managing Risk
  • 2 – Tree & Plant Identification
  • 3 & 4 – Habitat Creation
  • 5 – Woodland Management
  • 6 – Forestry Ambassadors

Alongside this, PECT will be taking the students on a journey of self-discovery to build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience to enable them to meet the challenges of this major transitional period in their academic careers.  There will be a focus on teamwork, communication skills, and self-reflection throughout the course as students will be faced with new challenges. At the end of the 6 weeks, students will be presented with their Junior Forester Award certificate and badge.


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Discover more

If you would like more information then please contact – Heidi Latronico-Ferris on 01733 568408 or email [email protected].