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Using the natural world to encourage children to develop a love of expression

Wild Literacy is all about taking children out into their natural environment to enhance their understanding of the wider world around them, and to develop the vocabulary needed to talk about their experiences.

The world around us offers the perfect learning environment, which inspires and encourages children to develop a love of expression and conversation.

By taking children outdoors and encouraging them to engage with nature

we can take sometimes complicated and confusing vocabulary into an experience which can be felt through practical and hands-on activities.

The project is funded by Talking Together.

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What do we offer?

This training opportunity and resource is aimed at giving you the starting blocks to make this happen. The resources have all been designed in a step-by-step approach so that you can use them at the different stages of learning.

We will also include an electronic copy so you can print and add your own ideas and experiences as you go.


Wild Literacy

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If you would like more information then please contact – Heidi Latronico-Ferris on 01733 568408 or email [email protected].

The training was fantastic and compounded what we already deliver in our setting. I have absolute faith that we will all be using the literacy resources and developing our current resources further as a result of the training provided.

I see us using these resources regularly in order to shape knowledge and vocabulary and to encourage the children to reflect on their experiences in the forest, using appropriate vocabulary. I really enjoyed the training and feel more confident integrating literacy into outdoor learning.

As a setting we have always believed in the benefits of learning outdoors, the training has given us the knowledge, resources and confidence on how to lead this learning.