Woods for Whittlesey

Natural Environment

In 2018 PECT expanded it’s community projects and launched a new tree planting scheme called Woods for Whittlesey.

With funding from Fenland District Council, the project aims to plant 5,000 trees in Whittlesey and its surrounding areas.


Why are we doing it?

The city we live in – its environment, local communities and wildlife – would all benefit from increased tree coverage. We’re planting trees for a multitude of reasons. Trees:

  • Improve the look of our green spaces
  • Absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air and help to combat climate change
  • Will make the city less vulnerable to flooding and other extreme weather
  • Provide shade and shelter
  • Improve the quality of air we breathe
  • Encourage wildlife
  • Improve your health and well-being
Forest Image

What can you do?

Whether you’re a resident, local business, community group or school, we’d love for you to join our volunteer planting days! We need hands-on help all year round – with volunteer tree planting days in October to March. As a community, you can come together to transform rundown spaces. Plus, if you have land for planting on, get in touch!

These fun social events are a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Helping to create more green spaces in Peterborough will enable you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and feel a real sense of achievement as you see the benefit of your hard work. To see our full list of planting days, visit www.pect.org.uk/events/.

To get involved, speak to Project Officer Simon Belham on 07715 372432 or email [email protected].

We love a tweet, not just from the birds in the trees, so remember to use the hash tag #WoodsforWhittlesey!