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COP26 and our Eco Charter

by Heidi Latronico

COP26 is high on the political agenda – it is happening in Glasgow in November bringing world leaders together to help tackle climate change. Children are being encouraged to play a real part in this, and here at PECT we are part of the education support program.COP26

PECT’s Eco Charter has been supporting schools for the last decade by offering the opportunity to ‘Go Green’ and do something positive to impact their long term sustainability.

Our Charter advocates flexibility, the need to see things differently and understand that one size does not fit all. This approach has led the way to becoming part of the education team supporting COP26 – it is an amazing opportunity to really show others what a difference the smallest small idea can make and grow into something much bigger when undertaken by a whole community.

Working alongside other organisations such as WWF, Fairtrade and The Climate Coalition we have brought together a comprehensive pack of information, activities and online webinars for schools to be able to engage with throughout the event in classrooms across the UK.

There is definitely something for everyone across all learning stages – so, if you are not already involved then why not?

Click the links and start to get your students thinking about the part they can play on the world stage – COP26 School Resources | Climate Change & The Environment ( Or why not hold your very own COP26 summit with the support of Transform Our World Youth Summit taking place in November  – Transform Our World Youth Summit (

We really do want to see more students undertaking the challenge to make their school more sustainable, so why not get in touch with us at [email protected] to see how we can make this happen. We have the resources and experience to support your school in going GREEN this year.