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Our Eco Charter is a specially designed and flexible programme for schools to achieve their sustainable development goals

PECT’s Eco Charter has been specifically developed for schools and supports the achievement of Ofsted’s requirements for sustainable development. Our Charter is the only flexible programme of its kind. This allows schools to strongly demonstrate the steps taken to enhance students’ knowledge of sustainability and implement long-term behaviour change, as well as recognised good practice.

Having been developed in consultation with teachers and educators, our Eco Charter is made up of 10 themes that are supported with resources to help each school achieve its goals, which will benefit the whole school and its wider community.

Eco Flag


how it works

There are 10 themes to the charter that can be worked on simultaneously, with each one being assessed and certificated individually.

  • Local Sustainable Food
  • Active Sustainable Transport
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Water
  • Equity & Economy
  • Health & Happiness
  • Land Use & Wildlife
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Zero Carbon
  • Zero Waste

100% flexibility allows you to decide how, when and what you do, allowing teachers to spend more time embedding outdoor and eco learning practices. Once completed, you can apply for your accreditation at any time, so the students involved can celebrate their achievements.

We are looking at an embedded ethos across the whole school community from the governors and headteacher right down to the youngest student, as well as everyone in-between. Once you have received five certificates you can apply to receive the Eco Flag.

Each year we celebrate all the hard work schools and students have undertaken together at our annual Eco Awards.

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Why join our eco charter?

We’re leading the way nationally with our bespoke Eco Charter for schools – embedding knowledge of sustainability issues into classes to inspire the next generation of forward-thinking students. The benefits of being a part of the scheme include:

  • Access to the Outdoor Learning Hub
  • Termly newsletters, with updates, resources, funding & training opportunities
  • Loans of resources to support your student engagement
  • Links to local & national providers
  • Curriculum and Ofsted requirements linked to all aspects
  • In-school and virtual targeted workshops
  • CPD opportunities
  • Annual Eco Awards celebration event
  • All certificates & awards
  • School grounds audit & action plan for improvements
  • Linked to ensure schools are achieving their Sustainable Development Goals commitments
  • Linked to ‘Sustainable Development in Learning’ & ‘Social, Emotional & Wellbeing’ Ofsted requirements
  • John Muir Award provider

Curriculum Links


east cambridgeshire schools

Funded Eco Charter memberships for East Cambridge Schools

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for schools in East Cambridgeshire to receive full funding from East Cambridgeshire District Council for the first year of their involvement with the Eco Charter programme.

To find out more about the programme click here. This webinar explains how the Eco Charter works and the support schools can receive.

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East Cambs Eco Charter Application

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We work across all schools and  academy trusts and our work is personalised to suit the specific needs of each organisation and their students. To find out more, call 01733 866437 or email [email protected].

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The students have grown through developing skills in the following areas: leadership, organisation, confidence, team building and becoming spokespeople.

– School

The outdoor learning team have set up a community garden where fruit and vegetables are grown, which helps the students to understand the process of where food comes from and how healthy food can be prepared.

– School