Nature’s School – Downloadable resources for home education

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Looking for educational, inspiring and fun activities for your children?

PECT has created a multitude of resources to enhance your children’s understanding of the world around them and to enable them to discover more about the environment.

Our new Nature’s School resource is all about bringing families together to enjoy, appreciate and protect their time together. By doing so it can have a positive effect on physical and mental health and ultimately our natural environment as well.

Our environment is sometimes an unexplored natural resource, often overlooked for its wealth of possibilities, and not always appreciated or looked after as it should be! Take this time to turn that around and discover natural wonders, learn from Nature’s School and in return protect it for future generations.

This resource is not just for those at home – schools and other charities and organisations can also benefit from this resource and use it to create new ways of delivering the curriculum and other learning objectives.

Take a look at all our downloadable activities and resources below.