We attend and host a variety of events, seminars and conferences throughout the year. If you'd like more information about any of our events, please contact our office on 01733 568408 or email


Current Events

Join us for our regular Forest for Peterborough - Woodland Heritage Conservation and Craft Days, every Thursday and last Saturday of the month, 10am-4pm, and learn traditional skills associated with our ancient woodlands in Bretton.

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These fun social events are great for getting involved at every stage from planting to nurturing whilst meeting new people.

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Join our Tuesday group to discover traditional woodland management skills at various locations across Peterborough.

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Greeniversity gives people the opportunity to volunteer to teach or learn 'green skills', to use in their local community.

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There's a fantastic array of exciting and informative events happening across Peterborough for you to take part in.

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The Langdyke Countryside Trust is a community organisation dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the natural and built heritage around Peterborough and Stamford.

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